News & Publication Literacy Week #2: National Children Day with Refugee Children in Jakarta

Literacy Week #2: National Children Day with Refugee Children in Jakarta

Posted By Sandya Institute On Sunday, 2 August 2020

In commemoration of the National Children’s Day in 23 July every year, Sandya Institute opened a donation of books for refugee children around Jakarta, with which we managed to collect around 400 books. Sandya Institute expresses our heartfelt gratitude for all donors who have been generous in donating the donation in a form of books or money to buy children’s books. 

Aside from book donation, Sandya Institute also decided to give hampers and drawing kits for refugee children in Jakarta, which include milk boxes, snacks and candies, drawing books and crayons. We donated to approximately 100 refugee children from both communities, with the help of our refugee representatives and volunteers. We also took some pictures as seen in the bottom of this post.

We are also grateful for the help and support of the UNHCR Indonesia and its partners for assisting us with the donation. We hope that our cooperation does not stop here, but will also extend to other opportunities.

This is a little contribution from Sandya Institute to solidify our commitment to support the fulfillment of the rights to education of refugee children. May this opportunity serve as the first step to many more progresses to come and may this opportunity become a symbol of hope that the refugee children will have the same chance to be what they wish to be through education.

Two weeks ago, we held a webinar on the rights of refugee children to access education, featuring three notable speakers from UNHCR Indonesia, Save the Children, and a refugee representative. Following the webinar, we also opened book donation for refugee children and surprisingly received warm welcome from many people. As a result, Sandya Institute had received over 400 books for refugee children and we have distributed them for the refugee children around Jakarta. Read our previous activity in this post by clicking here.

We will post more updates on our Literacy Week activities in our upcoming posts. Stay tune!

Disclaimer: We needed to blur the pictures of the refugee children for protection matters.